Romanian Kyokushin National Championship, Arad 2009

Romanian Kyokushin National Championship, Arad 2009

Romanian Kyokushin National Championship, Arad 2009

On the 7th of March 2009 the Kyokushin Karate National Championship took place in Arad. 130 participants lined up from all over the country. Our dojo had 11 representatives that managed to achieve very good results: three gold medals, one silver, three bronze medals and qualifications among top 5 or top 8 at different weight categories.

At kata senior women A category Anda Pop managed to come in 3rd, and Paula Pop took the 5th place. A slight increase since the last competition in Hungary. For the next national championship we hope for a higher ranking that will allow us to compete at the European Championships.

At kata senior B category our athletes won several other medals through: Ioana Mureşan and Fabiola Toader(3rd place), Andrei Corăbian(1st place) and Bogdan Ţiţiu(2nd place).

After a long brake from competitions, Andrei managed to win 1st place. It was a tight battle between him and Bogdan, both of them receiving the same mark in the last round. The difference was made by the marks in the previous rounds, where Andrei did a little better. Bogdan performed very well, especially since this was his first competition. He managed to control his emotions and drew attention with his last kata. In the women’s category, the participants were more nervous and it was reflected in their performance. But the results show they are on the right track.

At kumite(combat) senior women -55kg category, Ioana Muresan managed to win 1st place, after a very difficult match with an opponent from Târgu Mureş. Ioana won with waza-ari for a precise mawashi jodan (roundhouse kick to the head).

Mihai Cîmpeanu won 1st place at kumite men +75 kg age17-18. He was also at his first competition and had a remarkable performance, managing to obviously dominate his opponents and ending all fights after the first round. Congratulations Mihai!

At kumite senior men -70 kg, Dan Creţa had a very nice fight with an opponent from Felix. A rib injury prevented him from giving all his best and he had to admit defeat, but the way he fought was remarkable.

At kumite senior men -80 kg, Tigran Martikian easily defeated his opponent from Baia Mare in the first round. Unfortunately he had to redraw from the competition due to a respiratory infection. In the same category Daniel Rusu fought an opponent from Arad, a valuable member of the national team. The match was spectacular, first round ending in a tie. In the second round Daniel managed to surprise his opponent with a mawashi jodan. However, due to lack of experience on Daniel’s part, just a few seconds before the end of the round his opponent managed to score a wasa-ari with a similar technique and won the fight.

At kumite senior men -90 kg and +90 kg Mihai Evoiu and Andrei Corăbian had good performances, managing places among first eight. However the same lack of focus towards the end of the fight cost the fight, preventing them from winning a medal.

Congratulations to all our participants in the competition. The pictures from this event are in the multimedia section.

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