Kumite National Training Camp, Oradea 2010

Kumite National Training Camp, Oradea 2010

Kumite National Training Camp, Oradea 2010

Between February 19th and 21st Oradea was the host of  the 2010 Kumite National Training Camp. Our club participated with ten athletes at the four training sessions coordonated by: sensei Harris Wallmen(3rd dan, coach of the national team), sensei Cristian Bolduț(3rd dan, national and international champion) and sempai Marius Ilaș(2nd dan, european champion and world vice-champion).

At each session the athletes were separated in three distinct groups, according to their grade or experience. A lot of time was spent training with striking pads and studying different approaches of a fight: the japanese style(slower, but more powerfull and more energy efficient) and the european style(faster, more focused on the technique). Each coordinator explained their personal views on how to train so that everyone could choose what suites them most.

One of the training sessions was held outdoors. After a breief warm-up running session we climbed more times the Ciuperca hill everytime doing a different thing(normal running, climbing with a partner in the back, uphill sprints etc.). At each descending of the hill everyone picked up the garbage left by other bypassers, leaving behind a “happier” hill. It was a very interesting(and also hard) training.

At the last training session each participant had the chance to fight with other colleagues from different clubs, no matter the grade or age.

The Camp ended with the traditional group pictures which you can view in the multimedia gallery.

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