National Summer Camp, Băile Felix 2010

National Summer Camp, Băile Felix 2010

National Summer Camp, Băile Felix 2010

On the 22-25th July 2010 the Romanian Kyokushin Federation National Summer Training Camp took place in Băile Felix (Bihor county). The coordinator of the camp was shihan Satoshi Yui(5 dan), who is a trainer at Honbu, Japan. Over 150 athletes from all over the country attended the camp, this year being a special occasion: 25 years of Kyokushin in Romania.

Like all summer camps with shihan Yui the training sessions were very demanding, leaving all of us with the inevitable muscle sores. The morning training was focused on force, stamina and fighting. The afternoon training was focused on kihon, kata and bunkai. The high temperatures (sometimes even 40 degrees Celsius) also added to the difficulty of the training, making us sweat even when merely standing.

The last day of the training camp was reserved for the belt exam. By far the most awaited part of the exam was the kumite part, the most characteristic for kyokushin. The fights were extremely tough and towards the end all athletes were exhausted. Our dojo had five people taking the exam, all of which managed to successfully meet all the requirements. Congratulations to all of them, especially to our new shodan Marius Mîndruțău who has thus made his first step towards mastering karate.

The list of athletes who passed their belt exam from C.S. Kyospirit Cluj Napoca:

  • 10 KYU: Andrei CătineanIonuț Mesaroș and Radu Tămaș
  • 9 KYU: Dana Ciobotariu
  • 1 DAN: Marius Mîndruțău

Pictures from the training camp are available in the multimedia section, but also on the Federation’s site.

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