Romanian National Summer Camp, Stâna de Vale 2009

Romanian National Summer Camp, Stâna de Vale 2009

Romanian National Summer Camp, Stâna de Vale 2009

At the end of August 2009 the Romanian Kyokushin Federation hosted the Romanian National Summer Camp at Stâna de Vale, Bihor.

This year the camp welcomed around 200 participants from all over the country. Our club was present with 15 sportsmen.

This year’s guest was shihan Koen Scharrenberg (Holland) president of EKO (European Kyokushin Organization). It was a very pleasant camp, with a very relaxed(but disciplined) atmosphere.

In the beginning of every session everybody split in small groups and streched for a few minutes. Working in small groups usually continued after stretching, every group being formed of people about the same knowledge level. We repeated kata and kihon techniques but mostly kumite techniques. A series of different combinations were presented by Shihan and on the last day our most prestigious collegues presented their favourite moves. Also very interesting was the night training: one hour of kicks and punches with good kiai, at 2 o’clock in the morning! 🙂

The last day there was a belt grade examination. From Kyospirit Cluj Napoca the following were promoted:

  • 1st dan  – Anda Pop
  • 7th kyu – Evoiu Mihai
  • 8th kyu – Sabin Sanislav, Bogdan Țițiu and Vlad Gorgan
  • 9th kyu – Barbu Trestian
  • 10th kyu – Mihai Cîmpean, Raul Cublișan, Titus Moldovan and Alexandru Ciobica

Congratulations to all our sportsmen and mostly to Anda who came victorious after 30 recounds of hard, full contact fighting. Also congartulations to the rest of the participants who were promoted, especially sempai sensei Cristian Bolduț who had an extremily hard examination for the 3rd dan.

As usual, the pictures for this event are in the gallery.

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  1. Iata ca am dat peste asta pagina despre Romanian National
    Summer Camp, Stâna de Vale 2009 , cautand despre koen scharrenberg.
    Acum iti spun ca faci treaba super. iti recomand sa cunosti si saitul un site despre tara maramuresului.
    Mult succes

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