National Summer Camp, Băile Felix 2010


On the 22-25th July 2010 the Romanian Kyokushin Federation National Summer Training Camp took place in Băile Felix (Bihor county). The coordinator of the camp was shihan Satoshi Yui(5 dan), who is a trainer at Honbu, Japan. Over 150 athletes from all over the country attended the camp, this year being a special occasion: 25 years of Kyokushin in Romania.

Like all summer camps with shihan Yui the training sessions were very demanding, leaving all of us with the inevitable muscle sores. The morning training was focused on (more…)

Belt examination, March 2009


The grading exam of the Kyospirit Cluj Napoca karate club took place on 31st of March 2009. After a rigorous examination which included: fitness exercises (push-ups, sit-ups and kicking techniques), kihon, kata, renraku and sparing, the following students succeeded:

10 KYU: Barbu Trestian, Daniel Rusu, Istvan Dali.

9 KYU: Dan Creţa, Sabin Sanislav, Vlad Gorgan, Bogdan Ţiţiu.

8 KYU: Ioana Mureşan, Mihai Evoiu.

We congratulate them all. Pictures are available here.

National training camp at Moneasa, July 2008


Between the 24th – 28th of July, six karateka from Kyospirit Cluj Napoca took part in the National training camp held at Moneasa, in Arad. The training camp was led by shihan Satoshi Yui(Japan) 6 dan and shihan Furko Kalman(Hungary) 7 dan.

Training sessions were very hard, some of them mounting up to physical exhaustion. Fortunately, all participants came well prepared and proved their dedication and spirit.

The last day was reserved for rank examinations. The following members of our dojo passed the exam: Ioana Mureşan – 10 kyu, Anda Pop – 1 kyu, Paula Pop – 1 dan şi Vlad Pop – 2 dan.

Pictures from this camp are here.

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