National Championships, Târgu-Mureș 2011



National kata training camp, Baia Mare 2009


The national kata training camp took place in Baia Mare between 19-22 March 2009. The training camp was opened to all athletes, regardless of age and rank. There were a total of 70 athletes from all the dojos in the country. The members of the national team were also present in the training camp. They are training for the European Championships in Kiev, Ukraine.

Five members of our dojo participated at the training camp: Vlad Pop(2 dan), Paula Pop(1 dan), Anda Pop(1 kyu), Fabiola Toader(9 kyu) and Bogdan Ţiţiu(10 kyu).

The surprise of the training camp was the presence of shihan Furko Kalman(7 dan), who despite his health problems he managed to come to Romania. It was a good opportunity for many of the participants to experience first hand the firm way shihan leads the training. Discipline in formation is something you learn in the firs few minutes. (more…)

Romanian Kyokushin National Championship, Arad 2009


On the 7th of March 2009 the Kyokushin Karate National Championship took place in Arad. 130 participants lined up from all over the country. Our dojo had 11 representatives that managed to achieve very good results: three gold medals, one silver, three bronze medals and qualifications among top 5 or top 8 at different weight categories.

At kata senior women A category Anda Pop managed to come in 3rd, and Paula Pop took the 5th place. A slight increase since the last competition in Hungary. For the next national championship we hope for a higher ranking that will allow us to compete at the European Championships.

At kata senior B category our athletes won several other medals through: Ioana Mureşan and Fabiola Toader(3rd place), Andrei Corăbian(1st place) and Bogdan Ţiţiu(2nd place). (more…)

Hungarian Open 2009


On February 14th 2009 C.S. Kyospirit Cluj Napoca and 4 other dojos from Romania participated in the Hungarian Open. It is one of the strongest international championships for seniors in Europe.

Our dojo had two representatives in the kata competition: Anda and Paula Pop. Senpai Vlad Pop was a referee. After a long break from individual competitions, Anda and Paula had an honorable performance, managing to come in among the first 16 (more…)

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